Tech Tuesdays

Conversations About Technology and How It’s Used in the Rio Grande Valley

Tech Tuesdays start conversation about technology in the Rio Grande Valley. Join us to learn how technology professionals are integrating, using, and moving towards implementing all aspects of tech in their workplace. From 3d printing and rapid prototyping, to recycling styrofoam, the insight into our industry and they ways it can be used are as educational as they are entertaining!

Students Ages 6 - 18

Children will benefit from introductory educational classes related to coding (, robotics, as well as general computer usage. There is a great digital divide for children which is a technical ceiling to their potential growth and success. Children lack access to equipment that fosters their curiosity and abilities. Coding, robotics, and STEM programs challenges the student and inspire a career choice in high paying careers in STEM.

Rehabilitation & Job Readiness for Young Adults

For adults, the lab will focus on educational core computing components such as email, word processing, spreadsheets, online applications for items such as SNAP benefits, food handler’s permits, and more. From the basic “how to” courses, to getting comfortable with information provided via electronic medical records, the COW will quickly become an asset to adult education in each of the neighborhoods visited.

About CodeCamp

Tech Tuesdays is a program produced by CodeRGV for the public to come in contact with STEM speakers and learn in a face-to-face environment that allows you to meet and interact with the speaker.

Three speakers present their projects, new technologies, stories, or lessons on entrepreneurship.

Every last Tuesday of every month, except for holidays, at 7 PM in the UTRGV (Edinburg) and UT Health (Brownsville) campuses. See the maps for directions, or watch the event live.

If you’re in Edinburg, we have an after hour social at 9:00 PM in the University Drafthouse


Logic & Critical Thinking

Video Game Development

Basic Circuitry & Electronics

Mobile Classroom Programs & Classes

Our mobile classroom allows us to be the vehicle that delivers more than just a fun environment to the communities we serve. Due to the unique nature of our program, it opens up opportunities for us to teach more than just computer science and coding. With a full virtual reality studio using 15 40″ high-definition screens, we can transport visitors to national museums or across the galaxy. With 14 workstations, we can provide job training assistance, financial literacy, healthcare advocacy, and job application assistance.

Here are some of the programs that you will find available through our programs:


Virtual Reality

Job Application Assistance

Financial Literacy

Wi-Fi Available

Thanks to the sponsorship of HP Aruba Networks, Cradlepoint Networks, and Github, the COW provides free Wi-Fi for the nearby neighborhood. Access to Wi-Fi and the Internet is essential to the success of the student because our region has invested in the deployment of iPads and Google Chromebooks to every student. Since launch our school districts have learned many lessons; foremost is that students do not have the immediate access to the Internet at home. Thus, #HomeworkGap, as coined by FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel, is the gap between the technology resources available at school but lacking at home. Students are forced to visit chain restaurants, coffee shops, and other noisy, high traffic, nd obtrusive public environments which are not conducive to their education or their health. In an article from 2013 in the Wall Street Journal, the problem was summarized best: a student shouldn’t have to buy a Big Mac to complete their homework. To mitigate this gap, the COW will be equipped with an always-on Wi-Fi hotspot capable of providing access to the direct vicinity of the vehicle, as well as a 4 small solar powered trailers, which will extend access to a quarter-mile or more radius surrounding the COW for the entirety of its time in the area.

The History of Our Mobile Classrooms


Code RGV assisted in the launch, build out, marketing, and fundraising for the Pharr Boys & Girls Club on this first generation of mobile classrooms. We have turned this ongoing program over to the Pharr Boys & Girls Club and we are proud to say that we were a part of its inception. Additional information available at:

The C.O.W.

This is a new RV that has just been purchased and is waiting to be retrofitted. Although a part of its mission is similar to the 1st generation, this one will have the 4 MHU’s (Mobile HotSpot Units) attached, and a full area dedicated to Virtual Reality, allowing us to take kids across the world to places they have never seen and experience. Photos of this RV are still in raw form while we plan, design and retrofit the vehicle.

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