Drone Camp: Summer 2017

Learn about flight, drones, and autonomous vehicles!

The CodeRGV Drone Camp is built to educate High School-aged students about flight, drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and development for these vehicles.

Students Ages 6 - 18

Learn about flight, flight safety, and the Four Forces:

  1. Weight is the force of gravity. It acts in a downward direction—toward the center of the Earth.
  2. Lift is the force that acts at a right angle to the direction of motion through the air. Lift is created by differences in air pressure.
  3. Thrust is the force that propels a flying machine in the direction of motion. Engines produce thrust.
  4. Drag is the force that acts opposite to the direction of motion. Drag is caused by friction and differences in air pressure.

Rehabilitation & Job Readiness for Young Adults

For adults, the lab will focus on educational core computing components such as email, word processing, spreadsheets, online applications for items such as SNAP benefits, food handler’s permits, and more. From the basic “how to” courses, to getting comfortable with information provided via electronic medical records, the COW will quickly become an asset to adult education in each of the neighborhoods visited.

About Drone Camp

Beginning June 2017, CodeRGV is partnering with the Weslaco EDC for a Drone Camp in Weslaco! High School age students will learn all about drones! How they fly, why they fly, how to assemble them, what they can be used for, and how to program them!
Weslaco ISD students with a valid student ID number can register for FREE for this course!
The course is $100 for any other high school and incoming freshman class level student.
Each 3-week course will provide a morning and an afternoon session. Register today for a great Summer experience that will teach you all about aeronautics, flight, and drones while giving you job skills to help local businesses take advantage of Unmanned Aerial System technologies!

Logic & Critical Thinking

Video Game Development

Basic Circuitry & Electronics

Locations of Our Drone Camp

McAllen Public Library

Beginning in June 2016, Code RGV was contacted to help bring computer science and programming (coding) classes to the McAllen Public Library. With a projected 1,200 students per year in attendance of the camps, this partnership with the McAllen Public Library has helped spark and fan the flames of tech-based learning for thousands of students!  Additional information available and class registration at: http://www.mcallenlibrary.net/events/codecamp.aspx

Mission CEED

As of December 2016, we are excited to be offering a full suite of Code Camp classes at the Mission CEED building! This building, located centrally to the Eastern Rio Grande Valley features 5 classrooms, an auditorium, and co-working spaces that we can take advantage of for lessons of all shapes and sizes! From circuitry to coding, we look forward to seeing you help plant your own seeds of greatness!

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