(re)(boot) Your Career
Participate in an intensive 12-week training to convert you into a Full Stack Web Developer

What is (boot)?

(boot) is an intensive training course to convert inexperienced software developers to professionals. The metric of success is the percent of participants, which complete the program, that are offered employment of at least $50,000 annual salary.

Our mission is 100% of graduates get hired.
students as of August 2017

Learn from industry experts in-person, remote, and self-paced

Learn while building your resume. You’ll solve challenges and create projects that bolster your resume

Learn at the RGV’s most advanced coworking space: Mission EDC’s CEED building .

Learn how to ace your interviews, and be recruited by our industry partners


All hardware & software is provided

A monthly stipend to help with expenses

Industry recognized certificate of completion

*Disclaimer: Due to our limited funding, your tuition eligibility will need to be assessed prior to acceptance into the program. Stipends, dates, subjects, time, laptop, completion, and eligibility is subject to change and no way is guaranteed by Code RGV, Inc. or any of its representatives. 


The curriculum is a collaborative effort with our industry partners

The curriculum teaches students to think like software engineers, independent of any specific language. That said, the bulk of the material uses JavaScript because it is the most popular language requested by recruiters.

Students develop a foundation in programming fundamentals, and conquer the concepts of object-oriented programming. Students will work with modern industry tools and practices. Students will learn to test and assist their peers, and contribute to open source projects.

Projects (challenges) use industry best practices to provide students with real-world experience.

By the end of the semester, all students build functional applications for their portfolio. Recruiters can review our candidate’s profiles and interview the best fit.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Design and layout responsive web applications
  • Build secure full – stack web applications according to common design patterns
  • Safely model and store data in SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Develop web applications using JavaScript
  • Consume and integrate third-party APIs in an application
  • Use modern JavaScript browser application frameworks
  • Deploy applications to the web using cloud based hosting
  • Clearly document and present the projects they’ve built


The following is just a summary of the curriculum, and may be outdated. We’ll be providing access to each unit for self-pace learning as we get closer to the start date.

Week 1
Unix and Environment Setup, JavaScript Basics, NPM, Slack
Week 2
JavaScript Cont., BDD, Networks, HTML5, CSS3, Promises, Databases, REST APIs
Week 3
NoSQL, Express, Views, Forms, Cloud Deployment, Web Frameworks
Week 4
Python, UI/UX Design, Sessions, Optimizations, Serializations
Week 5
React, Redux, Less/Sass, Gulp, OAuth, Geolocation
Week 6
DOM, Web Sockets, jQuery
Week 7
SendGrid, Security Practices, Authentication, File Uploads
Week 8
Build REST APIs, Managing with Kong, Analytics, (4-Week) Final Project
Week 9
Interview Practice (CS Interview Fundamentals), Resume Workshop
Week 10
Mock Interviews, Job Applications, Ongoing Final Project
Week 11
Job Applications, Interviews, Ongoing Final Project
Week 12
Demo Week, Signing Day

Student Application

We are about to ramp up Cohort 3 for Spring 2017.  Applications will open at the beginning of 2017.

Upcoming Events:

  • C.O.W. Activity Report

    November 7, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am
    CodeRGV C.O.W.

    C.O.W. monthly activity report to Esmeralda Villarreal @ WFS.

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