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Empowering the next generation

our mission


Code#RGV is a nonprofit that creates tech entrepreneurs and skilled professionals for local jobs by educating, promoting, and certifying professionals. We strive to promote community participation and collaboration to invigorate creativity, innovation, and the local economy.

Mentorship and Leadership

Community leaders serve as mentors and evangelist role. They provide experience, insight, and connections to business opportunities and careers for graduates and the startups. Leaders also set the vision and open/inclusive culture that inspires the next generation to invest in a high tech career and in the local economy which attracts new business partnerships and recruitment of high tech into the region.

Better Infrastructure and Community Resources

With increased supply of high tech labor force and startups the local infrastructure and resources play a pivotal role to enable growth. Code RGV represents and seeks to provide gigabit internet, venture capital, and continuing education to our region by partnering with municipalities and businesses.

Inclusive and Open Collaboration

A restrictive and non collaborative community plays a zero-sum game. No winners, no losers, and no economic development. At Code RGV, we believe that progress and innovation is made with collaboration of others and inclusion to all ideas, beliefs, or experiences to make the best businesses, products, and services. We strive to partner with all municipalities, EDCs, & Chambers of Commerce to help build better communities.

Increase Technology Demand in South Texas

Our region’s graduates, startups, and businesses need to be valued and compensated accordingly. At Code RGV, we continue to work with businesses and municipalities so that their beliefs are aligned with ours: we have high caliber professional individuals and businesses.

our impact

Our reach goes far beyond Texas.

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Our Great Team

Our Founders

  • Drew Lentz
    Drew Lentz President, Founder
  • Rene Ramirez
    Rene Ramirez Board member, Treasurer, Founder
  • Justin Lynch
    Justin Lynch Board member, Secretary, Founder

Board Members

  • Richard Frnka
    Richard Frnka
  • Johnny Bender
    Johnny Bender Director, CodeRGV Brownsville

Our Program Directors

  • Mario Alberto Lopez
    Mario Alberto Lopez CodeRGV Program Director
  • Anselmo Suarez
    Anselmo Suarez Director, Code Camp
  • Javier Ortiz
    Javier Ortiz Educator
  • Raul Ochoa
    Raul Ochoa Director, Robotics
  • Cynthia Rocha
    Cynthia Rocha Educator
  • Mitsuo Inukai
    Mitsuo Inukai Educator

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Our programs are created by a 100% volunteer effort. Your contribution helps to maintain our efforts and allows us to reach more students and adults in our community.